What’s the shape of your world?

It’s totally up to you, starting from yourself.

Have you ever been looking for a place, that place, where doubts fade away leaving space to a range of dreams and possibilities?

It’s in the chaos of every day that we’ll find balance, it’s in the imperfections (sometimes hard to accept) that we’ll find strength.

We want to make you feel like this, free to express to yourself. How?

Let’s start with some music and a playlist we choose for you.


Breathe, take your fav headphones and press play


We have faith in the power of stories, we want to hear yours.

No matter the direction, let’s share the feeling of freedom that starts with the travel.

“Il mondo dentro” (the world inside) is not just our claim, it’s a trademark that distinguishes us. Imagine “the world inside” as a map of your emotions and let’s find the right rhythm, together.

The favourite spot of your city. The smile of the person you love. A run at dawn. You passport. A cinema hall. Your favourite books. The hugh of your friends. The peace after a yoga lesson.


These are some of Vestopazzo’s Staff answers to the question “What’s the shape of your world?”


What’s yours

Share it with us, use the hashtags #vpeople #shapeofyourworld in your pictures, in your good memories, landscapes and details to remember.



Vpeople is a digital community open to everyone, a box of emotions and inspiration.

We’ll give space to people and their stories, with respect, creativity and a bit of fun. 

Limits? No limits, no boundaries.
Everyone can join.


We can’t wait to meet you, we can’t wait to share our Stories.

Stay Tuned