My name is Romina. I’m 36.
And I’ve been dancing for half of my life.

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Romina, dancer, teacher, mum.

I fell in love with dancing when I went on stage,
felt the heat of the lights,
and I looked for my mother’s face among the audience.

I’ve been dancing on tv, in the movies, in theatres,
and I dream about doing this…

My life follows soundtracks,
I always picture it like a movie.
I never stop dreaming. I know it sounds crazy.
My daily routine has a fantastic and surreal rhythm.

I’m a dancer, a mother, and so many other things.
I hope my daughter Nina falls in love with art. Not necessarily with dance, just with art.
I hope it’s going to save her as it did with me.

The body is the message.
It’s the letter I wrote on.
It’s the tool I use to communicate
how I feel in that specific moment.

Dancing is the body.

And I hope I’ll be able to give this body
a voice one day.

Teaching dance is meaningful to me.
Every day my students give me the strength to believe in my passion,
the same one which gave me support, hope, and happiness.