VP Wellness – Restart with good Energy

“I’m not a morning person. Just another 5 minutes. Maybe I’ll do it later… ” How many times have we said these things?And if, instead of putting things off, we started to live in the minute, how much more energy would we have?

10 minutes of meditation or yoga practice in the morning is enough to give you a dose of extra energy with which to face the day. After all the early hours of the day are the best for working with the body, which, free from stress and toxins is cleaner and full of energy. For many it will seem impossible today, but it is a small sacrifice that in the long run will bring incredible benefits. Where to start? How to find a small push, a point of reference?

Every Monday morning you can follow live streaming on the website of the Guardian WAKE UP YOGA, a live lesson held by the British teacher Tania Brown who gets thousands of views a day. Furthermore the application Yoga Wake Up created by Lizzie and Joaquin Brown gives you the opportunity to wake yourself up by practising yoga and start off the day full of energy!

Yoga activates the circulation, improves flexibility and produces adrenaline, mainly responsible for our good mood. For lovers of reading, the book The Miracle Morning cites all the benefits of morning yoga and tells of the routine of many entrepreneurs who have chosen to improve their lifestyle and overcome laziness. Many also argue that carrying an amulet, a small object able to connect with the positive vibrations of the earth, gives strength and security.

Difficult to implement a change starting tomorrow? The truth is that we live in big cities, we work many hours a day and spend most of our free time thinking more about others than ourselves. But we like our life! Simply … maybe we need a brake that will slow down the daily frenzy. That’s why all of a sudden we realise that we need a break. Whether it’s 5 minutes in the shower or 3 hours a day, we take advantage of the time we have to connect with our ego. We practice yoga, we meditate, we write … we do something for ourselves and we start living the best version of our life.