VP Travel – Destinations and jewelry for summer 2018

Spring is well on the way and with summer quickly coming along so is the desire to wander off and explore the most popular destinations of this summer 2018.

Mountains, seaside or cities: here are our picks to enjoy new landscapes, places and cultures.


Destination and Jewelry for summer 2018



In the latest years Montenegro has become a very popular destination thanks to its eco-friendly turism and the wide diversity of landscapes that characterize it, ranging from the wild beaches of the Adriatic coast to the lush mountains of the inland.

The historic train route Belgrade and Podgorica, is known for its breathtaking scenery, travelling through the bosnian hills spotted by monasteries and dams to reach the spectacular montenegrin peaks with tunnels, lakes and viaducts. The fascination of these mountains lies as well in the many different sports that can be appreciated, among which rafting, mountain bike, zip line and horseback rides. All adventures that require a material which is resistant, light and versatile like the 100% recycled aluminium of Vestopazzo’s collections. The leaf bangle echoes the natural beauties of this country as well as the sporty elastic bracelets like the 3 wrap cubes comfy but with style.



Amongst the destinations of summer 2018 we suggest Lisbon for a city vacation in a fascinating and romantic setting that has been more and more considered lately for its lively night life. With its trams, the colorful azulejos and its narrow and winding roads, the Alfama, one of the capitol’s oldest neighbourhoods, well represents the city’s essence. Starting the evening with a walk throughout its perched houses wearing a hammered pendant that recalls the arab dominations that took place in the untamed capital. Continuing then in one of the local venues to discover fado, the music of the portuguese people, to be danced wearing a shawl and a brass choker necklace that enfasizes the saudade so typical of this genre.



Positioned in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, crossroad of cultures, Malta is an unmissable stop for summer 2018. It seduces not only for its beautiful seaside, but also for its rich history. Going from norman cathedrals to baroque castels, milleniums of art and architecture are available to be explored. Turistic destinations have developed maintaining a balance between the necessary comodities and the aspects that characterize the island. The islands of Gozo and Comino are part of the maltese archipelago with their crystal clear waters, small villages and pristine countryside, perfect scenarios in which to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures. Small pearls to match the many experiences awaiting on these islands are the elastic bracelets, like the double wrap carved spheres and the elastic bracelet carved fish to mix and match freely and in great quantities filling ones arms with many pleasant memories.