VP Spring Summer 2018 – Colors of the Mother Earth

Vestopazzo’s Spring Summer collection 2018 carries in journey throughout the warm vibes of the desert, the more we travel far from the crowded cities the more the colors turn towards the grey tones of Mother Earth, creating reminiscences of freedom and primordial echoes.

The main colors are the deep blue of the ocean, the scorched soil hues of the savannah, desert’s shades of beige and black and white, eternal opposites like day and night.

Pristine forests spread out into vast patches of vegetation, the lungs of our planet.

Countless shades of color that vary with the passing of time and season’s changes, flowing into an infinite game of light and darkness.

The calm of blue and the merging of all its contours, born from the illimited space of the sky continues until the depths of the sea, keeping away evil spirits.

Mother Earth’s energy shows in its warm shades of red, recalling the strength of ragged rocks and the fascination of the desert’s horizon. Moroccan souks appear with their counters full of spices, spreading sweet tastes and warm colors, pilling up into pyramids of powder. Red is the color of rugs and fabrics.

The simplicity of light colors and the grace of delicate flowers paint landscapes and magically create oasis of intense vegetation, while unstoppable waves emerge in the sand dunes.

The ochre and the brown of the kasbah, the ebony of women peering through their veils, the colors of Mother Earth burn under the sun as we follow through the streets of the medina.

Sunsets materialize in their alternating of light and darkness, showing the elegance of all that is essential. The contrast of black and white, opposites that complete each other.

Travelling becomes discovery, inspiration, a source of memories we always carry along with us like the many talismans held in a pendant.