Teas and tea blends: the best ones and their healthy properties

Teas and tea blends: to lose weight, detox or just be happier. Nature’s secret benefits: find out the best blends and let this warm well-being conquer you.


Teas, tea blends and herb based recipes are one of the best choices regarding what to drink during the day, especially when you link them to a moment of cuddles and relax: what better way to benefit from nature’s special gifts?

Here’s our mini guide with tea’s benefits and secret properties: 3 tea blends to enjoy during 3 different moments of the day.

SWEET WAKE-UP! Start the day with the right foot, gently wake up with a 100% natural tea blend. Perfect to drink in the morning empty stomach, try Green Tea, tasty and simple to prepare.

AT THE OFFICE WITH GINGER AND LEMON. Very beneficial if eaten separately, even better when eaten together, they enhance each other, offering great results! Amongst the most popular of the moment, ginger and lemon is perfect drunk warm, but very nice cold as well.

HEALTHY APERITIFS. The proper conclusion of an intense work day? An aperitif with your girlfriends, of course! If you don’t want to fall for sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks, choose an alternative to the traditional aperitif with a cherry based blend.

During these final winter days we suggest to take some time off to sip on your favorite tea blend, wrapped up in one of Vestopazzo’s wool accessories now on sale on our e-shop.