Sweet November – Fashion tips by Vestopazzo

Sweet November. Suddenly it sweeps in with wind and gold, in a dancing of colored leaves that warms up fashion and the heart. It comes with afternoons as cozy as the season’s trends. It invites you to dream under the stars cuddling in a hug and an oversize woolen scarf. It’s time to look around and find out what will be trendy this autumn-winter 2017-18. How can we mix vintage clothes to season trends?

November – Jewelry: almost magically materials blend into each other, they merge and take shape in a metamorphosis of leaves and autumn trees. Mandala jewelry, worlds, maps and ancient decorations which tell a tale that goes beyond style and time. Aluminium, silver and brass shine as the colors of this season’s landscapes.

November – Accessori: delicate colors such as light blue, grey and ivory and highlighted volumes for those who love a romantic style. Whilst cotton vintage bags with leather details are for those who won’t back up on any adventure or adrenaline packed activity (have you already tried climbing?).

November – Clothing: fashion plays light-heartedly with long tulle skirts in pastel colors perfect for the love addicted. Strictly black as well for the rockaholic. Urban-chic trends are reinterpreted adapting with elegance and comfort. This style proposes staple cardigans and colored blouses for any working girl. Oversize tops and ponchos in matching tones wrap and warm up during a walk in the woods and the scent of berries.

Last but not least is Aluminium, Vestopazzo’s iconic collection so much so to almost become its symbol, always declined with creativity. Season’s must have are the statement world pendants, aluminium and lycra necklaces embossed in crocodile and snake prints. Elastic bracelets and cuffs, hoop, heart and spiral earrings. A pick for every occasion, perfect day-to-night.

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