Sales 2017 what to buy: here’s our shopping guide

Sales 2017: find out the best buys and get ready for an intense shopping experience!

Here are the winter sales’ must-haves.

On time as always, it’s finally the moment for the Winter Sales 2017: the long-awaited event of January!

If you’re looking for advice to make the best buys, don’t miss out on our shopping guide: here’s our tips to be sure you’ll catch the best purchases of these sales.

Love Bag. A woman can never have enough bags and any occasion is good enough to buy a new one, especially if it’s on sale! If you want to always keep up with the latest trends then go for the highly popular bucket bag: just the right size for an accessory that matches almost anything! If you prefer something smaller and more versatile you can opt for a mini pochette with floral print.

Maxi Pull. Winter’s just started so it’s a must to buy something warm and enveloping during the sales, even better if with a feminine touch, something like a soft woolen sweater: perfect matched with a midi or a pleated skirt, this season’s trends, or even with your favorite jeans. What do you think of this one with honeycomb texture and deep V neck?

Timeless Accessories. There’s certain outfits that will never be out of fashion, that are totally immune to seasonal changes and trend shifts. The sales’ golden rule? Always purchase at least one evergreen piece: may it be the typical black mini-dress or the indispensable white shirt. At Vestopazzo we suggest an accessory, something you can use next season as well. We’ve chosen for you a big cotton denim colored scarf.

Now that you’ve read this guide you’re ready to dive into the sales…. have fun shopping!