Recycling with style: the many lives of recycled aluminum

Recycling with style: when creativity and sustainability blend together. Find out the story of Vestopazzo’s 100% recycled aluminum and the eco-friendly aspect of a business that cares for the environment. 

Once upon a time there was… 100% recycled aluminum

“I shift from one shape to another, constantly changing. And when the shape chosen has become old and unused I reinvent myself and start a new journey.

I become aluminum pot, then bottle cap, I’ve been part of a fridge and have watched the ways of the world being a window, I’ve traveled many roads as part of a car engine and now my shape is changing again.

The hands of wise artisans melt and forge me, I am transformed into home accessory, a trivet, a bowl or cutlery, I become jewelry, a necklace, an earring or a bracelet. Every piece I come to be is created individually, unique in its being one of a kind. Born from the love and the time of those who still believed in me, I remain part of a wider process that keeps on turning.


A vision? Maybe just an eco-friendly version of fashion. It’s the story of Vestopazzo’s aluminum and of how it was possible (and exciting) to transform a material through an endless cycle, creating a new object, with a new purpose and allowing that energy to go round again.

Have you ever realized that aluminum is one of the materials we use the most in our daily life and one of the easiest to recycle, transform and wear? It’s lightweight, adaptable and perfect to be shaped in beautiful jewelry.

Like most metals, aluminum can be easily recycled by melting, 100% of it can be reused endlessly and the recycling process only requires 5% of the energy necessary in producing new aluminum.

Awareness, knowledge, caring. Respecting the planet, being passionate about artisanal work and loving art have progressively brought us into studying what lies behind beautiful things. If it’s possible to merge the love for fashion with the care for the environment, then why not?

It all started 8 years ago, with the Aluminium Collection, when creativity and sustainability shaped up into an ambitious project: creating completely artisanal jewelry, which originated from the reuse of common objects. So materials that would’ve otherwise been thrown away became unique accessories, necklaces, earrings, charms and bracelets, each with a story to tell, the story of those who gave them a new life.