Christmas presents: our advice for unique and original gifts

Unique jewelry, warm and alluring accessories, fashion must-haves. To each their own: our guide to the best gifts for this Christmas.

The best time of the year is about to come: finally it’s almost Christmas and it’s time to find the right idea, one that will surprise and thrill everyone!

If you’re still looking for the perfect gifts, then don’t miss out on our selection: many tips and ideas to find something very special to put under the Christmas tree.



An unmistakable style, a romantic soul and a spicy personality. If your best friend likes to wear minimalist apparel that stands out, dainty clothes without giving up on comfort, ready to face long winter days, shifting between work, family and errands then the perfect gift is CORAL: a long dress from the SLUB collection FW 2016/17, 100% cotton, smooth perfect fitting, with a stylish delicate detail on the back. She’ll love it!


Things get tough! Choosing a Christmas present for a boyfriend can be tricky: he’s one of the people you know more and the desire to surprise him is intense! Why not pick an accessory? For him, adventure lover, outdoor estimator, at times a bit wild and often distracted, choose one of the creations of the LC MAN collection in real leather and hand made: the leather necklace with ring pendant and a tactical keychain, perfect to tie on the backback during hikes. The perfect gift exists!


A free spirit, a bohemian soul, a nature lover, passionate and feisty: picking presents for such a special woman is never easy. The best thing is to choose something that has a story, that will make her even more beautiful without taking from her personality. For this Christmas, pick from the jewelry of the FLOR collection: vintage taste, warmth of brass, echoes of far away places. Leave the bangle bracelets and the gypsy style pearl earrings under the Christmas tree. You’ll melt her heart!



The well known love and hate relationship between sisters is what bonds you: sometimes it’s really tough to stand her, but you couldn’t imagine a Christmas without her. A business woman, super busy, that wears her uniform everyday: black pants, black jacket and grey skirt. Choose something girlie but comfortable, something to wear on a bad day to feel cuddled and beautiful. For this Christmas pick the FOG sweater from the Ravi collection. Ready for a hug?


A mother is always the most special of people and the desire to make her happy is the reason for choosing her a unique Christmas gift. She is the Wonder Woman of your life, always busy, rushing between work and family, but without ever letting you feel less loved. If you want to surprise her this Christmas choose something that will express your gratitude and passion for life, something that speaks about her. Pick two special gifts: one from the LOVE SILVER collection, the silver-plated necklace with arabesque heart pendant, a stylish bijou symbol of all your love, and a scarf: 100% silk with a micro paisley black&white print. You’ll make her smile!

What did you leave under the Christmas tree? Did our advice work?