Poncho Mania: 5 trends for this winter


Which poncho is the right one for you? Here’s how to fight the cold with a super warm garment: 5 trendy ponchos to purchase during the sales!

It’s poncho mania! Considering how cold winter months can be, there’s no better way to cope with them if not with a warm, enveloping and trendy poncho.

Comfy and one size, ponchos are the best option to a down jacket which sometimes can be a bit too boyish. A true winter passe-partout: you can wear it on top of your jacket for extra warmth, or match it with a pair of jeans, a simple turtleneck or a bohemian dress, especially if you tend to get cold easily at work: ponchos really are the perfect solution, cuddled in a warm hug, with style and lots of personality!


Here are 5 models you can’t miss out on during the sales: 

1.Traditional. It’s the first one you’d think of when mentioning ponchos. Asymmetrical cut, fringes all over, this style is perfect on top of a coat or a sporty outfit. Pick a braided one like this one from the RAVI collection, fantastic in white.

2.GypsyMood. Have you been trying to give a bit of flair and spark to your daily look? We suggest the SHAKE model: oversized, intense burgundy tones, small tassels and floral details, in perfect gypsy style.

3.Mini. Are you new to ponchos? Pick a mini version, not too pretentious and easy to wear. This one from the USHANA collection is exactly what you’re looking for: squared out cut and small fringes, you can start by wearing it instead of the scarf on top of your jacket.

4.Breeze. Half way between a poncho and an oversized sweater, this is the right style for the sporty ones: match it with your favorite jeans or a pair of multicolored sneakers. Slightly opened neckline and typical wintery braids. Charcoal, black or grey, make your pick!

5.Maxi. For the poncho addicted: oversized, large sleeves and turtleneck. The AIR poncho recalls the Mexican capes, not just for the cut, but for the small losange pattern on it as well. How to match it? Let it be the main appeal of your look by picking a minimal monochrome outfit.

There’s still a bit of a way to go with the cold, so have a look at our ideas and pick your ally to win over it!