Setting off on adventure, 5 jewels for 5 destinations

Jewelry trends 2017: necklaces, bracelets and rings too trendy to not bring along. Whether it be mountainside or beach life, pick the accessory to perfectly fit with your trip’s glamorous moments.

May it be a glamorous weekend in Santorini or one in Ibiza characterized by music and fun, paying attention to the accessories is important even during the holidays. Details are a must and a great way to show ones style and personality. Once the outfits have been picked you only need to focus on which jewelry to put in your suitcase.

Be it mountainside or beachfront, every destination needs its jewelry, which varies according to the atmosphere of the place you’ll be visiting. We’ve been inspired and have found 5 Vestopazzo styles for 5 different settings.

Picking your jewelry for the holidays has never been so easy!


Jewelry trends 2017, what to bring along in your adventures


Long necklaces with charms

Necklaces are a must have, long and with elaborate details. Vestopazzo picks a style rich with charms, with floral decorations and turquoise details. A small work of art to show off at your very best.


Golden rings

Golden or brass rings are a summer must have. To show off on white beaches, matching a mini white dress and jeweled sandals. This summer wants them piling on your fingers in great quantity. Have fun with a mix & match game playing with combinations, picking one finger or two or one on each finger. Small and golden like Vestopazzo’s, you can wear them on all fingers, they’re thin, minimal and very glamorous.

Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets are amongst the most glamorous accessories of the summer. Simple or wrap bracelets embellished with fringes, charms and small chains. If your summer destination is up on the muontains then this is the perfect style for you. Woman’s bracelets with a rock ‘n roll vibe, that give even more flair to your look. May confidence and lust for adventure be with you!


Charm braceletsmulti bangles

You will not be able to go without charm bracelets this summer. Multiple bangles are a summer 2017 trend and must be worn in great quantity and colored and with small charms to embellish the wrist. On the beach they become an accessory, matching long necklaces and anklets.


tendenze gioielli 2017Oversized rigid bracelets

Even in a big city jewelry must be carefully considered. Oversized rigid bracelets are the best accessories for an urban mood, with a strong look which is at the same time very feminine.


Have you already picked your summer destination? Then we’ll just have to match the jewelry!