Mandala. An accessory for self discovery.

The word mandala derives from the Sanskrit meaning “circle”. Not many other images in the world are as ancient, universally know and as embraced by many different cultures around the world.

Mandalas are beautiful circular drawings made of a balanced composition of geometrical figures. Not only a form of art and decor but also a mystical and semantic element, mandala symbols are used to portray nature’s creativity, life’s cycles, soul journeys and spiritual growth. Used in eastern cultures to facilitate meditation, these can present the most diverse compositions.

Nowadays mandalas and their meaning are well know in the western world as well. We can find geometrical patterns, diagrams and circular drawings in diverse creative fields, spacing from the fashion to the design and jewelry industries.

Pendants, bracelets and earrings are worn as talismans to enhance calm, balance, peace and gain more personal awareness. Magical collections that convey world’s harmony and balance. Lucky symbols and charms to which entrust our desires.

Their role is to guide us in the expansion of our consciousness towards personal balance and awareness. And so… let your thoughts flow quickly, don’t focus on them, concentrate instead only on images and breathing and let one of these mandalas choose you. There’s one just for you, that will understand your needs, always wear it around your neck or your wrist, keep it with you and find out all the benefits of these fascinating symbols.

Pendente Mandala Vestopazzo

Bracciale Mandala Vestopazzo

Bracciale Mandala Vestopazzo

Orecchino Mandala Vestopazzo