January Catalog – Ways to start in a good mood

The holidays are already but a memory, but we’re looking forward to welcoming a new year full of challenging goals. Our January catalogue – Vestopazzo brings together the total look, jewellery and some positive suggestions for a full-scale restart!

1 – Aluminum World. “The best way to try to understand the world is to see it from as many angles as possible”. We believe that our world is a special place to discover day by day, journey by journey. We love the beauty of different landscapes, and we are inspired by the richness of new cultures and traditions. The Alluminio Mondo collection, made entirely by hand in recycled aluminium, opens our January catalogue as an invitation to discover. Choose your trinket, pack your bags and leave for your first destination!

2 – Aluminum Mandala. The second page of the January catalogue is dedicated to the Aluminum Mandala collection. The mandalas are beautiful circular designs composed of a harmonious alternation of geometric figures.

They guide us in the expansion of our consciousness, bringing us to an inner balance and self-awareness. Pendants, bracelets and earrings aren’t just accessories, but charms to bring you calm, balance, peace and a better self-awareness.

3 – Silver Plated Bracelets. And if, every day, you could wear a jewel that reminds you of the most beautiful and enjoyable moments of your life? A turtle, a star (that desire you expressed last summer), or maybe the initials of someone special. The colourful assortment of silver-plated bracelets are the most fashionable accessories, and remind us to take life lightly, always with a smile.

4 – Brass Collection. We dedicate the last page of the January catalogue to brass jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings in worked brass with rough and natural textures. In 2018, let go of the superfluous and shine like gold! Wear a jewel and your most beautiful smile, it will make you irresistible!