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A dream in a suitcase




When you’re 25 years old you feel like you could take on the world, like you could travel through it far and wide. To get to know it in its furthest and most isolated corner. Or at least you think it’s possible…

Our journey began in an Africa we knew nothing of, our hearts filled with curiosity and fascination. We fell in love with the people and the places, with the stories and the smiles, discovering an artisanal reality that had great value. We brought this reality to our Land, showing its essence to our customers: ranging from the materials to the manufacturing, everything has a story worth telling.


Our enthusiasm, the choice of the raw materials and the design of the products
met the trend of those years, favoring sales and the decisions that came.




We went from the initial experience of small itinerant sales to that of public fairs. This was a fun and motivating moment during which we learned of customer’s dreams and desires, trying to move closer to the expectations of those that valued us. The final aim became not only creating a unique object, but doing it with passion. And it’s in that direction that we continued our journey… We tried ourselves in challenges always different, such as structuring both production and distribution.


Sharing common values has always been our team's main bind,
and our product is the result of an artisanal and eco-friendly vision.





We were only left with making the big jump: peeking into the wholesale’s world. Our big chance came with the Macef in Milan which was, at the time, a leading fair in the home furnishing sector.

A solid and motivated team was born and together we began a great adventure. This is when we started our research in Asia for artisans and new materials, discovering a part of the world imbued with magic and spirituality.The fabrics, the colors, and again the people, all encouraged and introduced us to the world of accessories.

2004 is the year in which we registered the Vestopazzo trademark: the recognition of all the way we had come. We consider a bit of “madness” to be a fundamental ingredient so to not remain in all that is granted and easy.





FROM 2016

All the experimentation and the investments done till then were finally rewarded. In a world that constantly changes one cannot stand still, it’s necessary to evolve and always keep looking around. After stabilizing our Italian wholesale customers, strong of 1500 stores, we decided to open one shop that was only ours: our first single-brand store in Largo Argentina

Obviously in the historical center of Rome… our hometown.




In 2016 began a process of retail expansion and growth on the national and international territory. These were the years of many projects, late nights full of numbers and laughter, trips in search of new business locations. The sales network broadened thanks to our common vision with the entrepreneurs and the artisans met throughout the world, the same that are still today part of our project.



The reason for which there is “a story in each jewelry piece” x, is that we experience each place we visit in our travels, enjoying the feelings that come from it, letting the diversity and the beauty that surround us be of inspiration.

Vestopazzo is the result of a shared dream that keeps on growing year after year. We travel with our eyes, always having fun, immersed in colors and emotions. We experiment, but we always do it together.



We are still traveling and will never stop





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