For us, as travelers, it’s not easy to get back on our feet and say stop!

…but that’s the right thing we think everybody should do for sure, now.

We’re not asked “not to live”, we’re asked to live “differently”.

We need to catch the beauty of this change

trying to understand it and embrace it day by day.

Let’s take a deep breathe and let’s analyze our reality,

let’s take some time on our own.

Let’s enjoy our new rhythms and our new routine.

It’s nice to know we all can be different, that’s why

stay home.


We stand close to you with all our hearts despite the distance!

Enjoy the company of our social profiles and our website.

Our stores will open again as soon as possible,

our online shop operativity will be restored as soon as everything gets back to normal.


For any order info and for your questions, please contact us at


With Love, Vestopazzo Team