Aluminum Bracelets and Necklaces: summer 2017 must-haves

Aluminium jewelry is a summer favorite. Ranging from magic evenings in far away places to urban afternoons, Aluminium bracelets and necklaces will come along with you anywhere, adding a unique touch to your look.

Have you ever had an accessory that was only yours and no one else’s? A jewelry piece that carries with it a unique story that of the person who wears it? Vestopazzo’s summer 2017 accessories really are unique, just like the material they are made of, recycled aluminium. Straight from the artisans hands, this element gives life to special and exceptional creations. Every imperfection contributes to making these jewels unique. And the woman who wears them will add extra character and personality.

Aluminium jewelry, here are the must-haves for this summer

Bracelets and necklaces are amongst the most important accessories for a woman. They complete any type of look, highlighting hands, arms or neck thanks to a special care for its shimmering and their different sizes, they’ll draw attention in any occasion. There are many options to choose from, so to be sure to enhance one’s particular body characteristic and the style chosen for that day. So which are the aluminium jewelry must-haves?


Rigid Bracelets

Bangles make the wrists look thinner thanks to the delicate traits they’re made of. The trend sees an explosion of them, to spread on both wrists.

Cuff bracelets can sometimes be more voluminous, and are perfect all day. To not add too much to your look we suggest wearing only one or pairing it with a thinner one.

What about personalized ones? Surely an aluminium favorite. These bracelets with personalized pendant like the model my-personal bracelet, bracelet with plaque or the heart bracelet will adapt to those who want a jewel that will talk about them, though remaining light and trendy with the accessories.

Rigid Necklaces

collana alluminioNecklaces can be chosen according to the style and length, maintaining a visual balance. In this summer 2017 we find collars and statement necklaces in aluminium. If you’re looking for a necklace that will be perfect in any occasion, day and night, then rigid necklaces are perfect, thanks to their adaptable nature. Sexy and daring with a deep neckline or more formal with a classical look.

And you? Have you already chosen your aluminium favorite for this summer?